Handsworth (1991)

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This shower is rubbish, leaks all over the wall and covers half the window!,I’m taking it out,it’s gone,let’s put the shower back at a different angle, something like that…,but first, a totally new floor,Of course there’ll be some mess in the adjacent kitchen!,And some holes to fill,sorted!,New wall… Tada!,while we’re at it,let’s ‘ave a new sink,now for the tiling,That’s better,Time for a quick break for sausages,before tackling the front room,which needs more than a lick of paint..,how about?,A built-in TV and HI-FI cabinet,with shelf space for vinyl and tapes!,time to celebrate with something from The Beer Cellar,maybe this one,and a cow pie,and some tayberries,tayberries from the garden