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Little Froggies,Why is there a picture of frogs here? Well we were planning on France. Heh – no. Actually this is just a shot taken at London Zoo a few weeks earlier.,and another zoo piccie.,Place Gutenburg,Ah – now we’re in Strasbourg. We arrived in time for celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the freeing of Strasbourg from German occupation. Andy got the tail-end of a parade on the street outside our hotel.,Strasbourg,Maison Kammerzell in the Place de la Cathédrale.,Strasbourg Cathedral,Detail of the cathedral – Notre Dame ,Front door of the Strasbourg Cathedral – waiting for some dignitaries to come out/go in. Hard to tell what was happening. Watching the people fuss with the moveable barriers was amusing anyway.,This was just a very old house we saw as we were walking around – not a touristy thing I don’t think.,La Petite France,A shop specialising in Christmas things in Petite France – a district within Strasbourg with lots of medieval half-timbered buildings.,A small street (well they were all pretty small!) in Petite France,View taken from a foot bridge,The river Ill runs through Strasbourg – this is a lock raising the level as it flows into Petite France.,It was a nice day – if rather cold.,You can just see the cathedral on the right. It was impossible for us to get lost. Strasbourg is pretty small anyway, but we could always just look for the cathedral and head there. Our hotel, Hotel Gutenburg, was very close to it.,Andy with cathedral,Pont Couvert,Inside the pont couvert,Statues in jail.,No really – there were a load of statues being stored inside the covered bridge you can see in a previous photograph. It was eerie.,Confused?,Do Royal Mail collect from here?,Inside Strasbourg Cathedral,Andy,Andy trying out his new pencils. He always sticks out his tongue when he’s concentrating so cute. Or goofy-looking – whichever.,Michelle,Michelle in Hotel Gutenburg. My sister wanted a picture of me to see my weightloss progress. Still a heifer though!,Strasbourg by boat,Andy on a river boat on the Ill. He’s happy because its warm. ,This is the lock in Petite France as seen from the boat.,Took this picture for George Bush who (in)famously said mockingly, ‘The French don’t even have a word for entrepreneur.’,Andy,Andy at the Hotel Gutenburg. We got moved to a different room for our last night in the hotel. Inexplicably grand bed in a small – cold room. Otherwise hotel was great.,Romantic’ hotel du Parc in Thann about 100 km south of Strasbourg. Nabbed this picture off of their web site. Nice hotel if very ornate.,Driving in the Alsace,We went up in to the hills/mountains for long windy drives. Stopped here to see the pretty woods.,Andy spots a woodpecker. His first.,Andy and our little Mercedes car. Thank goodness for automatic drive. I did all the driving so he could relax and because its not a big deal for me to drive on the right side. Had to think there for a minute. ‘Andy’s in the gutter. Andy’s in the gutter’ – my mantra for making sure I’m on the correct side. ,Went up to see the spectacular view from Le Grand Ballon. Well after we finally managed to get past the goats, we drove smack into a cloud. This picture cannot convey how WINDY and COLD and generally horrible it is to be inside a cloud blowing at great speed past the top of a tall hill. It was fun – but we didn’t walk to the top. Not dressed for that kind of weather.,Storks on top of the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) in a small town we stopped in for lunch. Best light lunch we had – quiche lorraine and salad. ,Close up of the storks,Lots and lots of vineyards. We finally managed to get on to the proper Route du Vin on our second day driving in the Alsace. Not the best time of year for sampling wines and I was driving anyway but still very picturesque.,Practically every hill you could see had some medieval ruins in various states of disrepair. Andy climbed up to this one to take some shots.,View from Koenigsbourg Castle,Koenigsbourg Castle,Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg,The smithy,I thought these craved wooden doors were interesting. It wasn’t until I looked at the photo that we discovered they were coloured. It was a rather gray day.,Some more of that cool paneling,Bored yet?,The trophy room – there are still wild pigs living in the woods. Not many this big I bet