Belize (2005)

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Title,Belize 2005,Belize City,Flight from Belize City,Cayes,we flew to the cayes,Plane,the tiniest plane,Ambergris Caye airport,the tiniest airport,Armando,Armando picked us up and took us in his water taxi to our villa,Villa 5,Caye Villas,Sundivers,We are next door to Sundivers Bach Reeort S,Elvi’s Kitchen,We ate at Sundivers quite often, but this picture is from a rare occasion when we took the boat into town and ate at a Elvi’s Kitchen,Sea grass,Every day they sweep up the sea grass from the beach in front of Sundivers and caye villas!!,Kitchen,Our villa has all the essentials – a kitchen for making cocktails,Cocktails,- “Rum cocktail anyone?” -,Balcony,a balcony for looking out from to,sunrise,watch the sunrise,sunset,sunset,moonrise,moonrise,Hammock,a hammock for reading in,Sleep,or falling asleep in (’til you get rope marks in your face),pool,a shared pool area for,laying out,laying out,reading,and reading,hide,and a hide for photographing the local wildlife from.,Dragonfly,The fauna in and around the villa area consisted of – dragonflies,Magnificant Frigates,There were always lots of Magnificant Frigates flying around.,Magnificant Frigate,Magnificant Frigate,Frigates sharing food,sharing food,Frigates stealing food,or trying to steal food from the terns.,Grackle,Grackles nested in the coconut palms around the pool – making the weirdest noises.,Grackle strut,The grackles strutted around as if they owned the place.,Grackle,Great Blue Heron,A Great Blue heron would occasionally drop in to fish at the beach.,Great Blue Heron,Ruby-throated Hummingbird,The Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) is extremely shy and hard to get a good picture of, so here is a bad one.,Needle-billed Hermit Hummingbird,The Needle-billed Hermit Hummingbird (Phaethornis philippi) was marginally easier to capture.,Needle-billed Hermit Hummingbird,Needle-billed Hermit Hummingbird,Needle-billed Hermit Hummingbird at rest,Iguana,An iguana hung out on the roof outside our kitchen eating the flowers.,Iguana,”What you looking at?”,Iguana,Sometimes the iguana sunbathed in the trees at the front of the villa.,Basilisk Lizard,This Basilisk Lizard runs around on two legs (the back ones). It is called the Jesus Christ lizard because it can run on water.,Lizard run?,”Run like a lizard, Andy! Or like a girl whatever”,Tropical mockingbird,The tropical mockingbird was one of the bravest birds and allowed you to get quite close to it, or it would land close to you.,Mockingbird,”Are you mocking me?”,Mockingbird feeding,Here is the mockingbird eating some seeds.,Hooded Oriole,The Hooded Oriole was by far the most stunningly coloured bird we saw.,Hooded Oriole,Hooded Oriole,Pelicans,A couple of pelicans hung out on posts at the end of our pier.,Pelican,Pelican,The pelican did Tai Chi from dawn,Pelican,until dusk.,Rat,This cute little rat type thing (possibly a rat) lived just outside the villa.,Sandpipers,You can walk quite a ways out from the shore on the sea grass hardened sand,Sandpipers,along with the sandpipers.,Sandpipers,Yellow Warbler,Several different races of Yellow Warbler (Dendroica Petechia) visited the same tree outside the villa. This group is called the “Yellow Warbler”, aestiva, group.,Yellow Warbler,Yellow Warbler,We think this is a female Yellow Warbler.,Mangrove Warbler,This group of Yellow Warbler, with the rufous hood, is called the “Mangrove Warbler”, erithacoroides, group.,Mangrove Warbler,Mangrove Warbler,Yellow Warbler?,Not sure if this is another race of Yellow Warbler or a Slate-throated Redstart.,Red-crowned Woodpecker,Sorry, not in focus, but its a woodpecker with a red crown.possibly Woody?,Mangroves,We went on a day trip with Tanisha Eco Tours, who tooks us to the mainland and up North River through the mangroves,Bomba,to a village, Bomba, where we switched modes of transport,Bus,to this bus and drove across country to New River,Boat,where another boat was waiting.,Bats,Our tour director, Daniel, pointed out wildlife all the way, including these bats,Crocodile,Crocodile,Crocodile,Crocodile,Egret,Snowy Egret,Toucan,That’s a Keel Bill Toucan,Toucan,no not Kill Bill 2, Keel Bill Toucan.,Daniel,The final destination of the trip was the Mayan ruins at Lamanai, where Daniel (pictured) gave a brief history of the site and Mayan culture.,Temple,One of the temples has had the outer layers stripped off to reveal the older smaller versions of the temple underneath.,Mask,The oldest layer has this mask-like facade.,Steps,At another of the temples those with strong legs are encouraged to climb the steps to the top.,Looking down,Looking back down from the top was kinda scary!,Jungle,The view of the jungle from the top made the climb worthwhile