Open House (2006)

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Knights Templar,Today we are doing The Law Society and The Courts of Justice.,The Law Society,Law Society Library,Not surprisingly the Law Society uses JUSTIS (Michelle’s old legal service),Old stained glass armorials originally from Serjeant’s Inn (sp?),William de Morgan ceramic tiles inset into the fire place.,Another William de Morgan ceramic piece – might make a nice cushion!,WWII memorial in the Law Society Reading Room – Pallas Athene??,WWI War Memorial,Inns on Fleet Street,Wig & Pen pub – Wig for barristers, Pen for journos,Courts of Justice,The masons carved extra detail in their spare time.,The Robing Room,Royal Standard,The Bear Garden,Frieze beneath the statue of the architect ,Interesting detail on the arch – all the others were finished. On this one the leaves went right to the edge and around – see close up in the next photo,Wandering around outside. Queen’s Building,HMS Wellington,This is a model of the ship we were visiting. Houses the Honourable Guild of Master Mariners.,Staircase was added from another ship,The guild’s main council chambers used to be the engine room.,London Eye from a different perspective (the gent’s toilet in HMS Wellington),Wellington has a commanding view as it sits in a bend of the Thames,The only bit of the Boat Race we saw all day!,Lauderdale Road Synagogue,We’ve passed this building loads of time as its just one road over from our flat.,The stained glass was all floral design. From the outside we’d guessed it was geometric.,There was a raised seating area in the middle with the cantor’s lectern (or whatever its called). ,The Foreign Office,A Gurkha statue,Gurkha staircase – where the gurhka statue used to be,The Ghurka stairway from the 1st floor,A 17th century painting originally from the East India Company HQ depicting India offering up its bounty to Brittania…..yeah, right….offering… that’s the right word for it. LOL!,Pineapple fineal on the staircase,Sliding glass windows in wrought iron. There was another set of wheels at the top. Window about 6 feet high.,The Durbar Court,Three rows of columns – Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. Statues of people instrumental in Indian colonisiation and exploitation and names of the regions.,The Durbar Court,The Durbar Court,Cornwallis’ statue in the Durbar Court,Detail from the lowest level of the Durbar Court,Michelle having a rest in the Durbar conference room that looks out onto the court.,Odd fireplace – looks terracotta but its shiny. Is it painted or waxed? What the heck is it?,Ceiling mosaic,Detail of the corridor ceiling done in Islamic style.,Another ceiling mosaic,The floor of the Durbar Court was very interesting. The way they used the natural pattern in the stone to create a new pattern on the floor. There was a permanent looking sign asking people not to take red wine out to the court….. and lots of stains on the floor.,Mural depicting Indian Moghul honouring the tomb of the unknown soldier at Westminster Abbey,Council Chambers ,Frieze shows India and Africa offering up goods to Brittania. India leads a camel, Africa a lion. Thames lounges in the foreground with ships sailing in the background.,Some beautiful mahogony doors ,The dome is supported by the godess of plenty (Opis?),The Locarno Suite,Restored,I small child asked her mum, ‘Is that a pope?’,The South Bank,…on to the south bank and the Thames Festival…,Street perfomers,Morris Dancers,Giant Balloon blowing,Street painting,She’s been working on this for weeks.,Bumbelicious,Mmmmmm, hand made ice cream!,Eat Me,OXO tower from a different perspective,DIY trapeze at the Tate Modern,Enough,It got too crowded for us so we grabbed a table at this pub and settled in for a rest, a few beers and something to eat where we had a view of the river.,St. Pauls,Barge Race,The Budgie Man,He sang, ‘I’m the bud.. bud.. budgie man. If you’re gonna love me you gotta love budgerigars!’