Time Out Treasure Hunt (2007)

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To the V & A,for the first part of the Time Out treasure hunt.,THE EXCELLENCE OF EVERY ART MVST CONSIST IN THE COMPLETE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF IT’S PVRPOSE,Mmmmm,chocolate statue,Natural History Museum,Albert Hall,Physical Energy,Hyde Park Fountain,The Serpentine,Good Saturday – had to go back to Hyde Park because we wrote down the wrong detail off of the stupid Physical Energy statue yesterday. Anyway, these pictures taken with our new Olympus waterproof camera :),Physical Energy revisited,The Rats of Hyde Park,common are we!,To Greenwich,for the second part of the Time Out treasure hunt. (Easter Monday now, after spending all day Sunday watching all three LOTRs movies back to back!),Ministry of Defence,The old Liberal Party headquarters,Monument,Billingsgate,Ken’s offices,The Tower,Tower Bridge,Isle of Dogs,Sir Walter Raleigh,(Scalawag),Painted Hall,University of Greenwich,The outside of the building with the painted gallery.,The Queen’s House,England’s first purely classical building.,Unfortunately, everything is closed now so we can’t finish the Greenwich clues today (I guess we set off a little late for coming down here by boat).,To Westminster,for day 4 of our attempt at the Time Out treasure hunt. This is a memorial to the Bali terrorist attack of 2002.,Clock tower,from a different perspective.,Emmiline Pankhurst,Church Commisioners,Westminster Abbey,Palace of Westminster,including Portcullis House and London Eye.,To Greenwich (again),5th day of treasure hunting begins with going back to Greenwich to going into the building that were shut last time. This is the view from The Royal Observatory.,All the chestnut trees are in blossom.,Back to Westminster,The Great West Door. Decorations installed in 1998.,West End,Site of the fire on Oxford Street.,Tate Britain,6th and last day of treasure hunt mopping up some loose ends.,Lincoln’s Inn Fields,and chilling in Lincoln’s Inn Fields,British Museum,The Great Court