Trudy’s 80th Birthday (2007)

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Michelle drove us,from Edinburgh,over the top of Soutra,windmills,The sun was very low and in our eyes,so we had to wear shades,Psst! Where are all the streets and houses?,Next morning it’s off to see…,Scott’s View,Don’t look at me – I’m shy!,Lichen,But where does it go?,100 Aker Wood,woodland wildlife,baby finches,Mystic the parrot,Trimontium fort site,Viewing platform,The viewing platform let’s you view the field where they once dug a ditch to uncover the remains of the roman fort and then filled it in again.,Huh!,pretty berries,Rhymer’s stone,Rhymer’s stoned more like!,Melrose railway station,The Tweed,The Tweed at Mum’s house,Trudy,Poor Trudy gets a broken leg for her birthday,Party,While Trudy put her feet up, Janis and Norma organised her birthday party,Roy addressing the – er,chieftain,Trudy posing for her stamp picture,Reading Janis’ poem,Mum’s children,Say ,Grandma we love you,then we rode off into the sunset