Raleigh (2008)

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,Coming to America…,Sprawling + Raleigh = Sprawleigh,Teulon Way,Sharon & Jerry’s house,Sharon & Jerry’s yard,Hibiscus,morning glory,Pilates injury,’Storm’s coming!’,…that boat next door might come in handy,Is that it?,’Nearly harmless Hanna merely soaks Triangle’,Bowling,’LOSER’,Harp St,John’s house,John’s rock garden,pre-dinner drinks on the patio,18 Seaboard,Dinner with John and friends at 18 Seaboard.,view of Raleigh from 18 Seaboard,view of sunset from 18 Seaboard,view of moonrise from 18 Seaboard,Raleigh Wide Open,Raleigh Wide Open or as Michelle called it Open Wide Raleigh (…and say ‘ah’?).,You can see into the live news studio from the street.,Convention Center,The opening of the new Convention Center,Fireworks!,…yeah!,breakfast on John’s patio,N Blount Street,The old town houses are being moved to Blount Street so they are all in one place and not in the way of progress.,this one has been moved already,Princeton Street,The old Sents family home,pre-dinner cosmopolitans back at John’s house,The Mixologist at work.,John has visited every state and then some.,Mellow Mushroom,Dinner with John and Shane at Mellow Mushroom.,To the beach,On the road to Myrtle Beach, SC,The vending machine thinks it’s an extra in the movie Over The Hedge and our chips get stuck…,…twice,Huge pumpkin,Bay Tree,Sharon and Jerry’s home from home,Great egret,turtle,feeding the turtles,fungi and cones… er… courting?,Southern grass,Field sparrows,To the Pool,Sharon, this pool’s for 6ft folks only!,Jacuzzi,…that’s what I’m talking about.,To the Ocean,They wait; that’s what they do.,And I tell you what: tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick…,Ahab says, ‘I don’t care who you are, here’s to your dream.’,And the fat drummer hit the beat with all his heart.,dredger,temporary dredging pipeline,Dinner at Coleman’s Original Calabash seafood restaurant,view from Coleman’s,Next night, Mexican dinner,U.S.S. North Carolina,Knights’ game,The Knights,Jonas is #82 (in white socks),Ravenclaw (or something),group hug,Magnolia Meadow Way,Mike and Trini’s house,This is how JT rides his bike.,Wii racing,watching TV,JT sleeps with one eye open,Putt-Putt,Racecars,Her Highness,The Feast,The Chef at work,’Are you sure you want yours this blue?’,If you see Cara, give her a hug,That’ll keep him out of mischief… wrap him in swaddling,the swaddling escapology challenge,Contestant number 3,Penalty,Tattoos,Birdwatching,Birdwatching in the yard at Teulon Way,Cardinal (female),A pair of house finches,Turkey vulture,Mockingbird,Cicada,Holly