Lambeth (2008)

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Westminster from Lambeth,St. Thomas’s Hospital,Founded in Southwark by King Edward the Sixth A.D.1551. Was rebuilt on this sire in the reign of Queen Victoria who laid the first stone May 13th A.D.1868 and declared it open for public use June 21st A.D.1871.,Museum of Garden History,The Goblet of Fire,Rosemary tree,Headphone tree.,Lambeth Palace Garden,Black Walnut Tree,Here we go round the mulberry bush (planted on the day Terry Waite regained his freedom),Enormous chestnut trees!,Native Hedge,Planted with blackthorn, field maple, guelder rose, hawthorn, hazel, holly, honeysuckle, hornbeam, oak, spindle and wild rose.,Evelina Children’s Hospital,Pond,Bees!,’Leave them alone!’,Fish,Honey,Mmmmm,Fig,They made the mistake of looking directly at Michelle!,Old Fig,Fig tree planted in 1556,Prince Alfred,Back home to the Prince Alfred for a couple of pints of cider