Tobago (2008)

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This photo album is brought to you by Fernandes Black Label Rum – Really ‘Drinking Good’,and Andy Boy Jumbo Romaine Hearts (fresh seal),Paradise Found,The villa is fabulous,The main deck of the villa is enormous!,You need binoculars just to see from one side of the deck to the other.,There are some pretty bougainvilleas,First things first, into the pool to cool off,Are you sure you brought enough books, Luke? What are you going to do when you’ve finished those ten?,There’s room at the dining table for all 7 of us to play penalty,We see some good sunsets from the deck,Holmes, what’s that citrus bearing plant in the garden? An orange tree, my dear Watson!,Pretty leaf,Hummingbird in the villa garden,Blue-gray Tanager,Green tanager,Tropical Mockingbirds,Every morning the guttering on the villa next door is visited by parrotlets,The Rufous-vented Chachalacas eat the flowers and fruit off the trees around the villa,Blue-black Grassquit,Bamboo was introduced to the island for use in construction,Ravenala madagascariensis, aka Travelers Tree, tends to grow in an East/West plane.,Mt. Irvine Bay,Mt. Irvine Bay beach is just across the road,Mt. Irvine bay beach caters for almost everyone,there is snorkelling,surfing,a beach bar,and babes,But the grackles will steal the food off your plate if you turn your back for a second,Marching band,On our way to Arnos Vale Hotel we are directed around a marching band,There are some enormous bamboos around Arnos Vale hotel – and all over the island,We check out the beach for snorkelling and make reservations at the restaurant,It’s a dilemma,which bar to use when snorkelling at Arnos Vale.,Tree orchid,Adventure Farm,After booking dinner at Arnos Vale we visit Adventure Farm in search of exotic animals,Bald Eyed Thrush,Woodpecker,Red-crowned woodpecker,Hummingbirds,But the stars of this show are the hummingbirds,Dinner at Arnos Vale Hotel,We arrive early enough to watch the sunset,Arnos Vale sunset,and it’s not bad,We are joined by the hotel’s parrot, Pirate II,Blue-crowned Motmot,Bats,After sunset the hummingbird feeders are visited by bats!,dozens of them,Grafton,Grafton nature trails,This place used to be a working plantation,KEEP AWAY FROM HORSE,Flamboyant tree,’We’re going bird watching!’,Rufous-vented Chachalacas,Rufous-tailed Jacamar,Silver-beaked tanager,Castara,On the road to Castara we stop to look at the view,Castara Bay,Whilst eating lunch at Castara Bay we are treated to a steel drum lesson for a mere TT$40,Chickens range free all over the island,Stone Haven,Stone Haven is the bay for bobbing,Pigeon Point,Pigeon Point is beautiful,Pigeon Point is a good place to chill out,it has a bar,and souvie t-shirts,’That’s what I’m talking about!’,Airship,An airship flies over Mt Irvine bay,Cafe Coco,Scarborough,At Scarborough there is a botanic garden,Pink poui, apamata,Disused aviary,Epiphyte on a Balsam,Fishpot,The best place to eat in the Mt. Irvine Bay/Stone Haven Bay area is the Fishpot,Bananas,Back to Pigeon Point,for a boat trip to a drift snorkel and, our first ever, ‘drag’ snorkel,and a visit to pelican island and nylon pools,Grilled fish,When we weren’t looking at fish, we were grilling ’em,Englishman’s Bay,We go snorkelling at Englishman’s Bay in search of cat fish,Snorkelling in Englishman’s Bay,Frankie’s Tours,A series of unfortunate cock-ups!,Waiting for Frankie. Little did we know the bus was <cough>broken</cough> and we were about to be driven across the island in seperate cars by maniac drivers.,we do a spot of bird watching in Mt. Irvine bay car park while we wait.,Tropical Kingbird,Bananaquits,The manic drive is to get us to Speyside in time for a boat trip to the bird sanctuary island of Little Tobago.,Frankie says Frank didn’t tell him the boat had been chartered by a cruise ship party, so we have to wait for it to become available.,we don’t mind having to wait here.,Speyside is on the windward side of the island!,We are led on a steep climb up Little Tobago,Tyrone is a good tour guide and compensates for the earlier screw ups. Here he is knocking on a tree to make the ants come running out.,The blue-gray tanagers here are a deeper blue than the ones on the main island,From this vantage point we can watch Red-billed Tropicbirds and Magnificent Frigates on the wing.,Red-billed Tropicbird,Magnificent Frigate,They call this a Tourist Tree!,Here we meet Barrie Britton who is filming the birds for a new BBC show.,I bet Barrie’s pictures aren’t as good as this,Arnos Vale,The next day we go back to Arnos Vale for another snorkel,but there is no bathing due to Portuguese Man O’ Wars :(,So we try Stone Haven which we decide doesn’t look good for snorkelling, but we see fishermen seining bait fish.,looks like Ballyhoo,Villa critters,Island Critters