Open House (2009)

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Bank of England,What does ‘DNE DIRIGE NOS FORTVN A MY HONOR DEO’ mean?,talk to the hand,the curtain wall is 8′ thick!,Chartered Accountants’ Hall,Don’t know what this building is.,Cool apartment block by the river,Hermitage Moorings,Is that a massive cruise ship next to HMS Belfast?,lunch break,Tobacco Quay,Metropolitan Borough of Stepney,Battle of Cable Street,Shoreditch Town Hall,Statue of ‘Progress’,Council Chamber,Mayor’s Parlour,Down in the basement,The original vestry hall was built in 1856. An extension was added in 1902.,Assembly Hall,1080 is either something to do with the Domesday Book or it’s the number of scan lines in HD TV.,Hoxton Hall,Origami Yoda,Hackney Town Hall,Hackney Empire,Sutton House,Rare example of an 18C Tudor red-brick house in the East End