Thames (2009)

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Visit to Houses of Parliament and river boat trip,Palace of Westminster,Entrance to the Palace of Westminster,Portcullis House,Portcullis House from entrance to the Palace,Westminster Hall,the oldest surviving part of the palace,Detail in Westminster Hall roof,Westminster Hall is the only bit where they let you take pictures,Stained glass window in Westminster Hall,Detail of statue on Embankment,Garbage barges on the Thames, passing County Hall,London Eye,View from river bus,View from river bus,View from river bus, arriving at Bankside,The Globe,The Golden Hind,Trip to Greenwhich to see Avatar,London Eye,from a different perspective,HMS Belfast,with urban wicker man,City Hall,Tower of London,Tower & Gerkin,Scaffold Man,Tower Bridge,Greenwich Market,Millenium Dome,Canary Wharf