Antigua (2010)

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Shell Villa,the pool,the deck,lizard tree,lizard,crab in the pool,Shirley Heights,View of Galleon Bay, English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour from Shirley Heights.,Michelle & Jerry at Shirley Heights.,cactus,century plant,Galleon Bay,Falmouth Harbour,Cloggy’s,Shirley Heights,Sunday night party at Shirley Heights,night time view from Shirley Heights,Jerry, Michelle & Sharon enjoying the atmosphere at Shirley Heights.,Villa Birds,bullfinch,bananaquit,Bananaquit demanding sugar water!,Happy now?,hummer,heron,king bird,Eco-tour fail,the day our eco-tour boat trip was rained off :(,Eco-tour mark 2,pelicans nesting,finally we get to go in the sea – although technically, since the boat trip has taken us clear to the other side of the island, I think this is the Atlantic Ocean.,Zebo, Michelle, some other tourist who couldn’t be bothered to hike up the hill, Nicola and Shamal (Captain Cool).,let the snorkelling begin,Yeah! It didn’t rain and we got to snorkel!,Royal Princess, Costa Mediterranea, The Black Swan, Adventure of the Sea and Sea Princess.,Nelson’s Dockyard,working mast house,A wedding is occuring. The two little girls on bikes are Eric Clapton’s daughters.,tourists in London take pictures like this all the time – now it’s our turn,Life Restaurant. Run by Caroline Tidy, who let us use her internet to check in for our flights home. Thank you Caroline.,flowers at Reef Garden,night view of the harbour from Reef Garden,Mrs. Bullfinch is so bold she comes into the kitchen and helps herself. She even knows how to open the fridge.,Falmouth Harbour, Proctor Point and Turtle Bay from the hill above our villa (circled).,John and I gave up trying to keep up with Shane on a forced march to Rendezvous Bay and had to impose ourselves on some people for water and shelter from the sun because we thought I might expire from heat exhaustion.,We watched the classic yacht race from their deck.,…back at Shell Villa we have a ringside view.,…and John makes Pina Coladas.,Macro photography.,Shirley Heights,another sunday night, another jump up.,This is the view from the other side of the heights. That’s Slowhand’s house on the right with guard house on the left.,Shirley Heights is an old British army outpost dating from 1793 ,watching the sunset,Mudslides,Freaky cactus,Yachts,Nelson’s Dockyard Museum,The Admiral’s Inn,Copper & Lumber Store,Galleon Bay,Calabash Beach Bar,Barbeque Night,Iron Chef Michelle,sunset mode,the fish is slathered in mega-hot jerk seasoning.,The vegetable skewers are also covered in inedibly hot jerk sauce and the grilled bread is burnt.,the pineapple was nice!,Long Bay,Devil’s Bridge,lizard shedding,Montserrat,steaming