Lee-on-the-Solent (2011)

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Lee on Solent,Fish & Chips,Mack Bap,The highlight of the week was the Mack Bap. Better yet, Andy’s own invention, the Double Mack Bap (or Big Mack Bap).,…we ate our mack baps sitting in the sun on the beach.,Cowes week,…watching the boats,Michelle twitching,Red Arrows,Sunset,Holiday home cocktail bar,Between the Cherry Blossoms,Bolero Sour,Alabazam,Blackberry Club,Strawberry Daiquiri,Pinerito,Between the Sidecars,Dark and Stormy,Hinton Ampner,Portsmouth,and the Spinnaker Tower,on the viewing platform of the Spinnaker Tower,View from the Spinnaker,..straight down,Portsmouth Harbour,Dockyards,HMS Illustrious,UK’s last aircraft carrier,WWI gunship,HMS Victory,Nelson’s flagship,Nelson