Antigua (2012)

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Galleon Beach,We are staying at a villa in Galleon Beach, a small gated resort. There’s a small reception building, staffed from 8am to 11pm, that sells some basic provisions.,Calabash restaurant and beach bar is open from 11am to 5pm.,There’s a beautiful beach.,Most importantly, there’s snorkeling right off the beach.,Our villas are the highest up the hill. It’s a steep climb back from the bar and beach.,Sitting at the beach bar enjoying the weather,It’s cloudy and raining,a minute later it’s clear and sunny!,Blue Moon Villas,A large buganvilia at the foot of the drive nicely frames the view of the bay,Chloe the ridgeback rescue dog comes with the villas,the bird feeder isn’t as popular with the birds as at some other places we’ve stayed.,but then the lizards seem to drive the birds away.,View of the bay from the villa,John with his morning coffee,lobster plant,fern by the hot tub (which turned out not to be a time machine),succulents garden by the hot tub,The finches liked to help with the crossword,Neighbouring English Harbour is full of ,At night the yacht masts look like a city scape. Venus, the moon and Jupiter (just off picture) are bright in the sky.,A palm tree wrapped in a ficus inside an enigma,Heading into town,on the (complementary) water taxi from Galleon Beach to Nelson’s Dockyard,yachts at Nelson’s Dockyard,Nelson’s Dockyard,The ceiling of Temo Sports – cafe/bar in English Harbour,spare engine outside Big’s Taxis,crabs at English Harbour,Shirley Heights,You can see our villas (with their unsightly cupolas) from Shirley Heights,Michelle and John enjoying mud slides @ Shirley Heights. I think Shane got the better picture!,Dinner and sunset at Shirley Heights. ,Sunset over Redonda,25 years together and still ,the band at Shirley Heights were pretty good,What was I doing taking a picture of this fern?,EC & US dollars,We had a ,and a million tiny visitors!,Someone’s sitting there, mate!,English Harbour from Sun Ra,End of week one,Come back Shane!,Nelson’s Dockyard,Bananaquits having a spot of lunch at the cafe ,a yacht from London,Admiral’s Inn,Admiral’s Inn (with blueprints of HMS Boreas 1757). This is the only bar to make a daquiri from scratch using fresh limes.,hummingbird at Admiral’s Inn,Copper and Lumber Store Hotel,What’s so funny?,cat @ Nelson’s Dockyard,Carolyn (Little Miss) Tidy’s Life on the Water has moved to new premises and become Life on the Corner,Chloe,HRH Prince Edward arrives on Leander. ,Leander,red carpet at Nelson’s Dockyard,Hike,to the mast,view of Galleon Beach and Nelson’s Dockyard from the mast,view of the sea from the mast,us at the mast,Squall,Wicked sunset,That’s all folks!