Stroll (2012)

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08:20 Maida Vale,Is it possible to do all 6 Discovery Trails in one day?,Bakerloo to Regent’s Park,Bakerloo line to regents park is empty at 08:20 on a Sunday,Regent’s Park,08:51 Green Trail start,Sherlock Wenlock,Deckchair Wenlock,Rose Garden Mandeville,Midsummer Night’s Dream Wenlock,Birdy Wenlock,Safari Mandeville,Victorian Wenlock,Ballet in the park,Animal Wenlock,The Honest Sausage.,Time for breakfast.,Regency Mandeville,Rainbow Mandeville,10:16 Green Trail end,Union Flag Wenlock,Avenue Gardens, Regen’ts Park,Bakerloo to Piccadilly Circus,Back on the Bakerloo line,Not so empty anymore,Piccadilly Circus,They really mean it when they say, ‘Mind the gap’ here,10:32 Purple Trail start,Red Bus Wenlock,Gemstone Wenlock,Piccadilly,Fortnum & Mason,Queens Guard Wenlock,Tyger Tyger Mandeville,Plane Trees Wenlock,Wenlock,…yes it is,Afternoon Tea Wenlock,Cycling Mandeville,Shopper Mandeville,Dog Walker Wenlock,Builder Mandeville,Emergence,Regent Street,Groovy Wenlock,12:05 Purple Trail end,Linen Hall Mandeville,Bus to Westminster,Westminster Palace,12:22 Red Trail start,Union Flag Mandeville,Marriott Hotel County Hall,Wenlock,Big Ben Wenlock,Underwater Wenlock,Speaker Wenlock,Tourist Mandeville,Doctor Wenlock,Lambeth Palace Mandeville,Lambeth Palace,Garden Wenlock,A-Z Map Wenlock,Victorian Wenlock,Victoria Tower Gardens,Household Cavalry Mandeville,13:45 Red Trail end,Westminster Abbey Wenlock,Boat to Tower,14:48 Blue Trail start,Beefeater Mandeville,Lion sculpture at Tower Pier,Ravens Wenlock,Monument Wenlock,Sir Wenlock,Guildhall Wenlock,City Gent Wenlock,Sonnet Wenlock,Telephone Box Wenlock,St Paul’s Mandeville,Millenium Bridge and St. Paul’s,Arty Wenlock,Mandeville,Rainbow Wenlock,Pirate Wenlock,Southwark Wenlock,H.M.S. Belfast,Maritime Wenlock,Maritime W detail,16:41 Blue Trail end,Skyline Wenlock,Fountain at City Hall,Tower Bridge,17:09 Yellow Trail start,Pearly Mandeville,Victorian Mandeville,Spitalfields Wenlock,Wenlock,Spicy Wenlock,Sari Wenlock,Park Wenlock,Dickens Wenlock,Tubby Isaacs jellied eels,Punk Mandeville,Cockney Wenlock,Contemplative Mandeville,Londinium Wenlock,Leadenhall Market Wenlock,Business Mandeville,Splashy Mandeville,The Gherkin,18:12 Yellow Trail end,Bishopsgate Wenlock,Taxi to Covent Garden,18:28 Pink Trail start,Flower Seller Mandeville,Tourist Wenlock,Busker Wenlock,Wenlock,Somerset House Mandeville,Cleopatra’s Needle Wenlock,Embankment Wenlock,Novel Wenlock,Trafalgar Wenlock,Filmstar Wenlock,Spotlight Mandeville,China Town Mandeville,19:11 Pink Trail end,Performer Wenlock,17:23 Taxi Home,That’s all I got!