Tennis (2012)

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Wozniak v Williams,Second round Women’s Singles match ,It’s a little bit early. The seats did fill up more later. ,187km/h is not the fastest she served.,Slow Motion Serve,Slow,Slow Motion Serve,Motion,Slow Motion Serve,Serve,Slow Motion Serve,and ready for the return.,It’s not looking good for Wozniak,Tennis is not always graceful,Mrs Williams looks on,Andy Murray warms up.,Murray v Nieminen,Andy Murray v Jarko Nieminen, Second Round Men’s Singles ,Not having a good day.,I’d never noticed before,that Andy Murray..,makes an Angry Bird noise when he serves. ,Ba-Kaw!,Murray and Nieminen’s posses,140?! Dude you hit like a girl.,Possibly the Duchess of Kent.,It’ll be over soon. The crowd is loving it.,Still having to work for it though.,Taking a quick lunch break and look there’s more tennis outside.,Djokovic v Roddick,Oops! We only had a quick mini-pizza and this match is almost over.,Djokovic v Roddick, Second round Men’s Singles ,This is for John.,Even crazy shoes can’t help this match.,Wicked serve.,And it’s over,Robson v Sharapova,Young GB player Lara Robson. Very girly stance for serving.,Robson v Sharapova, Second Round Women’s Singles ,You go girl!,Is Maria thinking, ‘Damn, she’s going to make me work for it!’?,John and our seat neighbours who had just come back from a wedding in North Carolina.,Uh there is a bird in here,..and the roof is on. Fortunately in only interfered in one shot.,Keen as mustard.,The crowd are loving that unexpected scoreboard.,Can she fend off the brit?,Yes she can as it turns out