North Carolina (2013)

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Welcome to 810 Teulon Way,Female cardinal,Woodpecker damage,Sharon & Jerry’s yard,Let’s eat out,First things first – get some liquor in,Hanover County Liquor Permit,The beach house we are staying in,Perma Grin,View from the deck of Perma Grin,Kure Beach,Inside Perma Grin,Pool table area,Fishing-chair bar stool,Figurehead over the pool table,One of the 7 bedrooms,The bar!,Living area,Kitchen,Ice maker, wine fridge and frozen drinks machine. I’m going to like it here.,Another drinks prep area,The other pool area,Laying out by the pool,…do do-do do dooo dooooo! do do-do do doooooooo!,It’s Roger Bannister,TJ catching a wave,I’m forever blowing bubbles,Sharon & Jerry’s 50th anniversary party,Happy Anniversary,deck-orations,Candy buffet,The grandkids,Playing pool,Cutting the cake,Nom nom,…being photobombed by a little brat.,Sisters,Photographing people photographing people photographing themselves.,#NAME?,DJ Salut,Teaching grandma the Macarena,PENALTY!,Card shuffler,Is this your card?,A rare occasion: Craig gets to lay down and can’t believe it.,Craig lays down,Ferry to Southport,Southport looks like a film set,Southport,Attorneys at law,Storm,Mustard beatle,North Carolina Aquarium,Albino gator,…and a fish,Wife through a lens,Three-headed Michelle,More card games,Sometimes we had to gag Raelee,Cycle ride,Fort Fisher,It was only a pay per view,Time to leave Perma Grin,Last day,It was sweet, sweeter and sweeterer,Wine tasting at Duplin winery,Behold the glory that is Walmart,Walmart,Signed Violent Femmes poster,We get bumped from our flight for $1K each and put up in a hotel with a headboard that resembles boobies.,Hotel headboard,Souvenir Redneck shot glass,I don’t qualify as a Redneck, just a Yankee