Fort Worth, TX

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The Blackstone Hotel, Fort Worth,Fort Worth,City of pigeons,Our room overlooks the neighbouring building’s delightful looking roof garden,First things first – giant margaritas!,All the downtown buildings are outlined with lightbulbs at night,Tarrant County courthouse,Cool fountain like a waterfall down steps next to a stair with the same size steps,The stockyard is overrun with Notre Dame fans. There are Arizona fans too but they are less noisy than the “fighting Irish”. – at Fort Worth Stockyards,Whoa! This is Fincher’s,Coliseum,Rodeo,Andy finds a saloon,White Elephant Saloon,The interior of the bar is decorated with hats, each labeled with the owner’s name,White Elephant bar detail,Booger Red’s bar,Some of the bar stools have saddles,beer,ribs,Buffalo Butt beer,Old Juvenile Shoe Store is now the Red Goose bar,Longhorn cattle on Main Street,They drive the longhorns down Main Street to the Convention Center,Horse sticking it’s tongue out,Kimbell Art Museum,Couldn’t get good external shots due to construction on the new neighbouring building.,The building is gorgeous and the light is perfect for viewing art.,Natural light is let in though a long narrow slit and reflected off a polished curved concrete ceiling.,Texas flight of beers,The fighting Irish