Tuscany (2014)

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Arriving at the villa,Villa Vianci,View from the villa,entrance hall,sitting room,dining room,upstairs hall,corridor to south wing bedrooms,All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,Shane,view from our bedroom,enjoying a glass of wine and the view,cyprus pine cone,giant rosemary and sage,goofing around on the balcony,John,waving to our subjects,Us,red squirrel,bee,why is the villa’s mail box a US mail box?,Mailbox,the neighbourhood chickens crowed constantly,Chickens,saying “buongiorno” to the neighbours,Neighbourhood,neighbourhood flora,most of the local fields were olive,The Trattoria da Michele,Pisa,Pisa pizza,leaning tower,Siena,Monteriggioni from the villa,The villa from Monteriggioni,Monteriggioni,Radda in Chianti,lizard,San Gimignano,San Gimignano is full of towers,what looked like a cash point in the main square turned out to be a condom vending machine!,cash point?,cop,The best ice cream in the world!,Why is number 37 next to number 73?,art,tiny car,Wine tasting in Montepulciano,The older (thicker) vines were more widely spaced, the new vines planted in between are at the modern spacing,Vines,baby vines,home made chair,Lunch on the farm,with wine,view from the farm,let sleeping pigs lie,goat,Monti,cat playing with a lizard,cheese from black sheep!,cheese,more cheese,cheese in olives,cute baby donkey (and Shane),aw!,peacock,Breakfast by Monti,tree pollen in the air,moon,happiness,macho swimming,wuss swimming,I gave Michelle a bunch of flowers,bee