UK Road Trip (2015)

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My chauffeur,Trentham Estate,The Wirral,Anthony Gormley statues,The Midland Hotel,Scotland,The County Hotel, Selkirk,Selkirk,Yarnstorm,Mellerstain House,Borders Railway,Edinburgh,Manderston House,Birgham B&B,Nicola’s pub,Yorkshire Sculpture Park,Who says you can’t get a good cocktail at a Premier Inn?,Perseus & Medusa,Wishes do come true,Speaking tubes in maze,centre of maze,view from centre of maze,display gardens,secret garden,Pirate ship,Claire photographing an Anthony Gormless statue,Morcambe,Midland Hotel bar,Doing the Morecambe walk,Today on the road we passed a train and a house,Striking the hammer on the marriage anvil at Gretna,Grey Mare’s Tail,St. Mary’s Loch,Mum and Norma,On the train to Edinburgh,Edinburgh Trams,There must be a social worker staying at the B&B with us,Head gardener’s house,Marble dairy,fuchsias,pheasants,Manderston House stables,woodland garden,Manderston House,terrace,lake, footbridge and boating house,Something something dark side,The Mustard Pot, Leeds,Sponge Bob’s house in Simon’s fish tank,poppies,Restaurant Sat Bains,Seven course tasting dinner piss-take at Sat Bains Restaurant with rooms. I forgot to snap the scallops and crab before tucking in, but here are a few of the dishes,Deer tartare with moss and thin slices of mushroom. Too little deer meat here to taste anything – I thought it was a squashed raspberry. The good thing about this dish is that it was paired with a lovely red wine from Washington state.,Roast partridge breast and fried leg served with beetroot.,Bridging course before the desserts – miso fudge and candy floss on a bed of twigs.,An Aero chocolate bar with the outside sliced off, mandarine jelly topped with cardamom infused grains of salt. Paired with a £4.99 supermarket Pinot Grigio.,Jammie dodger with ice cream and tomatoes. Paired with a £1.99 Asti Spumante Rose.