Distillery Tours (2017)

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Galt House Hotel,Delightful yoghurt and fruit breakfast!!,Bourbon Trail Passport,Early morning tasting @ Four Roses,Four Roses rickhouses,Old Talbott Tavern, Bardstown,Still @ Barton Distillery,Spring,Reservoir,Rickhouses,Rickhouse,Tasting,Kurtz Restraurant, Bardstown,My Old Kentucky Home, Bardstown,Witches broom,Ken seemed to think Michelle would be interested in these witches brooms!,Willett Distillery,Heads & Tails tank, and Whiskey tank,Wort,Brewing distiller’s beer,Distilling,Barrelling,Off to the rickhouse,Rickhouse,Hams in the rickhouse,Tasting,Maker’s Mark Distillery,Brewhouse,Tasting the distiller’s beer,Heads & Tails tank, and Whiskey tank,Bottling and dipping,Tasting,Funky ceiling,Rickhouses,24th August @ Buffalo Trace Distillery,Rickhouse,Bottling