< KewUp (2001-2004)Bonaire underwater >

This album brought to you by Basterd Sugar, Bonaire (Netherland Antilles),Our trip began with a few days in Raleigh for Jerry’s birthday and retirement party.,Jerry woke up on his birthday to find a flock of flamingos in his front yard,and had to suffer ritual humiliation.,Sharon laid on a fabulous spread for the party and we had a hard time keeping Jerry from eating it all before the guests showed up.,Then it was on to Curacao and a 15 minute plane ride from there to Bonaire,and Flamingo airpo,and on to the villa,which overlooks the best snorkelling spot on the island,the beach is more coral than sand making it a little tricky to get in here, but Captain Don’s pier is a mere 100 yard walk away,The upstairs bedroom has a balcony,with a view of the smaller island of Klein Bonaire,The view from the flat roof above is even better,here’s a junk going past,and a zoomed in view of the junk,there are a lot of Century plants growing in the area, and an electricity and water placey next door,Mocking Birds frequent the garden,and the odd Parakeet.,Siesta time.,Sunset time.,Our one break from snorkelling was a trip to the National Park, where there are lot’s of lizards,lots and lots of lizards,There’s also lots of salt basins,and salt lakes,The park has a pretty spectacular blowhole,around which the volcanic origin of the island is very evident, or are these the latest picture from the Mars rovers?,look there is life on Mars and an ocean and,DOUCHE!!! a blowhole.,Wait for it,DOUCHE!!!,’No, Sharon, don’t make me go any closer to the edge it might’,DOUCHE!!!,DOUCHE!!!,DOUCHE!!!,that’s enough of that, back to the saftey of the truck,and on to the Three Benches,What’s she looking at?,Oh, that’s the Three Benches,We can’t go snorkelling here!!,Let’s just pose for some pictures.,Definetely not an easy entry point!,Look ,lot’s of them,”I’m getting out of here before they make me pose with those stupid glasses on again.”,Pelicans (one on the rock, one in the water)