Bonaire (underwater)

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Eat, Sleep, (Buddy) Dive.,Off on a boat trip to Klein Bonaire for some,snorkeling,Whitespotted Filefish,French Angelfish,Turtle,Spotlight Parrotfish,Rainbow Parrotfish,What happened to all the colour on this parrot fish,Parrotfish,Princess Parrotfish,Trunkfish,Jellyfish,Palometas,Porgy?,Adult Yellowtail Damselfish (blue with ligh blue spots),Juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish (juveniles don’t have yellow tails),Group of grunts that constantly hang out in the shelter of the large outcrop of coral just outside the villa.,We didn’t find Nemo, but we found Dory (Blue Tang),actually we found a lot of Dorys,in fact a never-ending fish highway full of them.,Sea Urchin,Donkey Dung Cucumber