Turks & Caicos

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Sharon & Jerry were with us for the first week,Shades of coral,Us,Spindrift is a private villa on Forbes Road near Coral Gardens.,Local heron (in the top pool),that was a Green Heron and this is a Black Capped Night Heron,I was sent down to the beach every morning with the digital camera to take a picture of the sea so that the Sents could decide if they wanted to go snorkelling or not depending on how choppy it was. Here’s an example picture from a day that they decided was just about OK,While we were here we saw a lunar eclipse, here’s the start of it,I didn’t get any good pictures while it was total. If I hadn’t been working my way through a case of Turks Head beer at the time it might have occured to me to brace the camera against something solid, here’s a collage of crap images which at least show the correct colours,I also saw a pair of American Kestrels (or Sparrow Hawk – although it’s not a Hawk it’s a Falcon),Local wasp (in the porch of the villa),Local spider (in the yard),Wicked sunsets,Harbour Club Villas and Marina is beyond a villa called The Back of Beyond, this is the back of The Back of Beyond,This is a view of the marina from the back, which I suppose is then the back of beyond The Back of Beyond,This is outside the villa,Here’s the interior of the villa,Here’s the the view over Flamingo Lake,and here are the flamingos,This is the entrance to the pool area (complete with Turks Head cactus),Let’s go in,Sometimes it was too windy to snorkel so we just had to stay in and read,or sit by the pool and read,or stay in and drink rum & coke,well somebody’s got to do it.,Local wasp (by the pool area),More wicked sunsets,sunset/rainbow combo,While we were there, some of us turned 40 and got $50 for passing ‘go’,In the harbour side restaurants you are plagued by sandpipers, better than pigeons :),We bought some Red Snapper off of a fisherman as he was unloading his boat at the Fishery (the restuarant buyer didn’t look happy about us getting there first),and we BBQed it with jerk seasoning, lemon, and dill