Kew (May 2006)

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A white foxglove from I know not where. After I lost our camera, I dug up my old 35mm Pentax and took it to Kew. This photo was already on the film. Probably Open Gardens 2005 or something.,A sculpture called ‘Summer’ (or was it ‘Autumn’). Anyway this photo was taken with our old APS camera. Quality just isn’t as good as 35mm or the Fuji Finepix. Most the photos on the two rolls of film shot on this visit are not keepers. This is on the cusp.,The pagoda at Kew. Its been refurbished a bit but there was a complicated ticketing system to be allowed to go up in it so we didn’t bother.,Andy by the pagoda ,A detail shot of the pagoda. I was experimenting with various f stops on the Pentax. This one was the best even though its not quite there.,Andy relaxing in front of a rhododendron. ,Michelle on the same bench. This shot with the APS just isn’t as good. Colours are washed out and its grainy.,Andy now looking less relaxed on the bench. Heh!,He was told to stop squinting, but I got a little too close so he’s slightly cross-eyed. Shame because I quite like this picture otherwise.,A macro shot of rhododendron taken with the Pentax,Same bloom taken from a slightly different angle with the APS camera.,A moth on carpet of daisies.,Yellow irises near the pond,A boy feeding baby ducks. This was the only really good shot taken with the APS camera.,Fungi photos ,Fungi photo taken with the APS camera,Funky fungi,Japanese garden at Kew. This picture is just alright. The sky was very overcast. Made all the colours very intense but made for a very boring sky. And we both got burnt!,A lichen covered memorial bench as old as we are.,Kew Palace. More experimentation with f stops on the Pentax. We rather liked this shot, but it isn’t quite there in my opinion.,Kew Palace again with a different depth of field so there’s more in focus. Too many distractions for this to be an excellent photo and again the sky is really flat and boring. With some artistic licence it might make a good painting though – hint, hint.,Pine cone. Cliche photo but I liked it.,Amazing poppies. Not the best composition, but the colours were eye-popping.,Eye-hurty poppies and they really were that bright. The Pentax did a great job of capturing the real colours of things.,Andy’s favourite tree in the background with wisteria in bloom in front of it. ,See I told you it was his favourite tree.,Andy’s favourite — beer. ,’The Drinker’,Contemplating the next pint