Jordan underwater (2006)

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Loads of fish at Coral Bay reef Aqaba, Jordan,Water was calm (most days), clear and shallow enough to float over the reef and take some great shots.,Clouds of basslets, possibly flag basslets but the ID card we bought wasn’t that great. You can see how clear the water is even when it gets a bit deeper.,The coral was beautiful though none of these images can capture the depth of the colour. The purple one in the middle may be Acropora nobilis or Stylophora pistatta. Or not….,There were a half-dozen or so gorgeous blue-green fish that dashed into the coral everytime we got close. Possibly Green Chromis aka Blue Green Damselfish. ,A fish parade with a wrasse or parrotfish of some sort and an Emperor Angelfish just coming into shot at the far right.,Red Sea Bird Wrasse ,Red Sea Bird Wrasse again with some more of that purple coral,Turkeyfish aka Lionfish. Those spines are poisonous!,Another Turkeyfish with a sea urchin the background. ,Hey! We found Nemo. Or at least a relative – a Two Bar Anenome. We took lots of shots of these fish. Well they are darn cute.,See the little bright yellow and blue pom-poms? They’re Spirobranchus Giganteus – a type of tube worm also called the Christmas Tree Worm. ,A butterfly and unidentified yellow fish,More Flag Basslets – well there were loads of them. All female with a larger duskier male guarding each harem.,Two Bar Anemone fish (sans anemone) and some more basslets.,More basslets,This is the least colourful parrotfish we’ve seen that wasn’t a female. Its a Captain Parrotfish.,This is a cleaning station. You can maybe make out a Cleaner Gobi working on the Klunzinger’s Wrasse on the left side of the screen. On the far left there’s a butterfly fish and possibly a cuttlefish just to the right of centre. A bird wrasse on the right and some damsels near the bottom. ,Funkiest urchin we’ve ever seen. Its squeezed into a tight spot for the day. They are night feeders. ,That unknown yellow fish again.,I think this a Rusty Parrotfish although ‘rusty’ hardly does the colouring justice nor does this photo. ,Is it a coral or a sponge? We don’t know. But it was a beautiful delicate green colour – almost glowing. The photo is a pale imitation.,Exquisite Butterfly fish. Saw quite a few of them, always in pairs.,Moray eel. This guy didn’t like having his photo taken and was quite aggressive. We left him alone fairly quickly! There was a much larger Grey Moray under the same coral the evening before.,The fish colour paled a bit in the photo, probably a Klunzinger’s Wrasse, but the colour of the water is very accurate.,This fantastic coral was about 1 metre across and a vibrant lettuce-y green. Wish I knew what it was! ,Took a boat trip out across the Red Sea to Egypt. Others took a launch to tour this alledgedly medieval fort on ‘Pharoah’s Isle’ but we just jumped in and went for a snorkel.,Pharoah’s Isle taken from the water,Yellowtail Surgeonfish and a pair of parrotfish – male and female. The female parrotfish is the boring looking one. They don’t normally get noticed! ,Two Bar Anemone Fish,Exquisite Butterflyfish and an urchin,Yellowtail Surgeonfish and some wrasse or parrotfish of some kind,Much better colour shot of the Rusty Parrotfish. ,A clam,Cuttlefish,A parade of fish – two cuttlefish plus some Sergeant Majors (the stripey ones),A classic Nemo shot! ,Thought this was a Rusty Parrotfish but the tail’s all wrong and it was much bigger….,A Clown Coris – a type of wrasse,Parrotfish – type unknown,Emperor Angelfish