St. Lucia (2007)

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Arrival,First night on St. Lucia is at Coconut Bay,Ocean,Coconut Bay is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.,Just as soon as we are able, we hit the ocean (after quick lime daquiris),Coconut Bay is a large resort (400 rooms), with water park, multiple pools, multiple bars… Everything is all inclusive.,A live band plays into the night,Despite the freely flowing rum cocktails, one of us is up at the crack of dawn.,Then we spend the morning hanging out at Coconut Bay waiting for Shane and John’s flight to arrive.,cool kite,After pool and boggle, Michelle needs a nap.,Augustus drives us up the west side of the island, past the Pitons,Sofriere,past the town of Sofriere,La Batterie,to La Batterie,our Villa,Which we soon discover has stunning views from the balcony of,The Pitons,That’s what I’m talking about!,The master bedrroom has the same view as the main deck.,The main deck is accessible from a combined living room dining room area which contains a piano.,What can you see from there Michelle?,Hammock view,Pots,The villa has a massive garden requiring fulltime gardening staff (Terry & John), many of the plants are in the traditional island face pots.,Is this susposed to look like bees?,Orchids,Lily pond,There’s a lily pond,there’s fish in ‘ere,One of the trees by the lily pond was host to some caterpillars,which grew to be quite large,Pool,The villa has a pool,with a waterfall,You can barbeque by the pool,and there’s a place to play croquet,Mango,The grounds are dominated by massive mango trees. Here is one of the gardeners harvesting the fruit.,The staff who work at the villa have to walk miles each day up and down the hill from Soufriere (this is Marylin and Cynthia). Cynthia cooked delicious dinners for us most nights.,Fruit,John prepared some fabulous breakfasts with fruit salads,Crepe,and crepes,The cockroaches are dealt with by the lizards,and each lamp is gaurded by a tiny frog,looks like a lizard took a bite out of this giant moth,Dasheen,John and Shane treated us to dinner at Dasheen as an anniversary present,They have a cool Monet book!,Dasheen is noted for the stunning view from between the Pitons.,It is a good place to watch the sunset.,Anse Chastenet,From the villa it is a short drive down to Anse (bay) Chastenet,and the half built Jade Mountain resort,which looks like it’s going to get another two floors.,where we go to snorkel and make use of the beach bar,and spa,Toraille Waterfall,Nearby tourist attractions include Toraille Waterfall.,Botanic Gardens,The water is grey from the volcano,cool chairs!,Twenty years and still grinning and baring it ;),cocoa,Hummingbird,Diamond Waterfall,There is a cafe at the Botanic Gardens that does excellent chicken roti, and the finches are so tame they eat out of your hand.,Choisuel Arts & Craft centre,Livity Art Studio,Much more interesting than the ‘arts & craft’ centre,giant ferns,Volcano,cashew,Morne Coubaril Estate,Here we learnt that vanilla is an epiphite that grows on cocoa trees,We also learnt how cocoa is processed,After the sticky white coating has been removed these racks are rolled in and out to let the cocoa seeds dry partly in the sun and partly in the shade,coffee bean,Shelling coconuts