Birds of St. Lucia (2007)

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Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (male),A lot of birds came to our deck – especially these lesser antillean bullfinches.,We gave them water to bathe in and fed them,Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (female),bread,peanuts,Bananaquit,On the left here you can see a little red bug, in fact these belong to the family Pyrrhocoridae (‘Red Bugs’) which is part of the order Hemiptera (also known as ‘true bugs’). This species, Dysdercus Suturellus, has the common name ‘Cotton Stainer’.,Grackles,Grackles were also common (and noisy) visitors.,Gray kingbird,Another frequent visitor was a pair of gray kingbirds.,which stare at you wanting to be thrown food,Catch!,Saint Lucia Oriole,Less frequent visitors included the St. Lucia Oriole,Scaly breasted thrasher,Brown Trembler,Tropical Mockingbird,Palm Warbler,Scaly-napped (Red-necked) pigeon,Lesser Antillean Saltator,Broad winged hawk,Antillean mango hummingbird (female),Antillean crested hummingbird,The crested hummingbird only seemed to visit this one kind of flower – of which there were two just outside the villa. It would chase off the Antillian mango hummingbird. Both kinds of hummingbirds also ate bugs off of the palm leaves