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Grand Canyon Railway Hotel model train going around the dining room,Williams, AZ,Steam engine,Downtown Williams,Get your gifts on Route 66.,Route 66 tat,Mean Green Machines,Apollo capsule at Meteor Crater. And why not?,Opening in wall @ Meteor Crater that looks like a painting,Meteor Crater,Telescope focused on house size rock on crater rim.,house size rock on crater rim.,Painted desert. Who painted it?,Michelle at Painted Desert,Lizard,La Posada Hotel, Winslow,Lovely restored 1930’s railway hotel.,We had a fabulous meal including elk, osso bucco bison and quail with chili cherry dipping sauce.,Terrible wifi but you can’t have everything.,First map of Manhattan with original Native American place names and translations.,Manahatouh (“The Island”),Frank Sinatra Room,Cocktails,Sunset at La Posada.,Winslow, AZ,Standing on the corner,Wigwam Motel,Petrified Forest,polished slice of petrified tree,Tree!,Welcome to New Mexico,Sonic drive-in diner,Michelle in the Infiniti at the drive-in