Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon,Super-lame Wild West show at The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel that was not worth sitting in the freezing cold for.,Then it’s onto the train into the park, some of the carriages are old Amtrak California Zephyr cars.,We saw lots of dead trees,Michelle at the Grand Canyon,Click the link for a video of helicopter flight…,I’m not sure why Michelle took this picture of the bus, but she was giggling.,El Tovar,Bright Angel Lodge. The fireplace is designed to mimic the layers of rock in the canyon.,Hopi House,Ground squirrel,Mule deer,Pretty blue bird. (tanager?),Part of the Angel Trail down into the canyon.,Michelle enjoying the sunset.,Pre-dawn at the canyon rim,Sunrise,A flock of little birds went rapidly from tree to tree drinking water off the leaves (we think),Rosie fingered Dawn,Chipmunk,Elk,A mummy one and a baby one.