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Her Ladyship enjoying breakfast in a bubble-bath jacuzzi,Las Vegas,The Las Vegas Strip is actually just outside the city limits.,Paris,New York, New York,World’s Largest Gift Shop? I bet South of the Border in South Carolina is bigger!,Michelle with Caesar,Donny loves Michelle,You stay classy Vegas!,Lunch and the worst wait staff yet. They all had lots of pieces of flare though – so that’s nice.,Michelle has a non-alcoholic cocktail at the Hard Rock Cafe. Amazing.,…ten minutes later she spends 18 bucks on a blue slushy with vodka in!,Andy gambles $2 on the slots and wins $30.,Not the incredible shrinking woman, just a bloody big car.,Nevada to Arizona,On the border between Nevada and Arizona,The Hoover Dam,Hoover Dam from the new bypass span bridge,The new bypass span bridge from the Hoover Dam,The dam and bridge from the lake side,Lake Mead,The visitor centre looks a bit like the British Library,Arizona time,The road brutally cuts through the rock,Road trip singalong,Arizona,Arizona,Arrival in Williams, AZ,Sunset