2000-2007 photoblog

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Bud in the fog, Bud in the fog 2, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, London Plane trees, Looks like a good day to stay indoors, At least the cricket pitch-lake is thawing now, the seabirds seem to like the new lake, Who are you calling fat, The state of Paddington Recreation Ground cricket pitch just keeps getting worse, …it’s the end of cricket as we know it!, A December morning sky, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland , Nice facinator, It is a Ferris Wheel!, Let’s go on the Ferris Wheel!, With Luke and Daryl, What does this do, Cheese!, From up here you can see the Mayor’s secret signal in the sky for Hello Kitty Man!, You can see the other rides, like the tyre slide., She’s indicating to her husband, through the use of the international gesture of ‘The Finger’, just how pleased she is to be the one who gets to take junior on the Reindeer Adventure Ride!, The band are playing Bohemian Rhapsody, Time to go skating…, …on a very crowded rink, Goodbye Winter Wonderland!, That’s not cricket!, Kestrel down canal, Mural on Chalk Farm Road, detail of Mural on Chalk Farm Road, Pyramid @ Hyde Park, Starling @ Hyde Park, Australian war memorial @ Hyde Park Corner, Kiwi war memorial @ Hyde Park Corner, Machine Gun Corps memorial @ Hyde Park Corner, Leaf motif on Hyde Park Corner subway stairs, Opposite the Maplin on Edgware Road there is a Caffe Nerd!, Yellow Ginko @ Paddington Recreation Ground, Primrose Hill and ZSL aviary, Primrose Hill, Primrose Hill View, Regents canal, Regents Park, Eurasian Jay carrying something, Eurasian Jays, New Window boxes 1, New Window boxes 2, New Window boxes 3, Stables Market redevelopment, Out with the old times square, My phalaenopsis, Pink clouds over St. Augustines, Red sky in Paddington Recreation Ground, SB Lady Daphne, The Gherkin, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, S. B. Lady Daphne, The Gherkin, The Tower of London, Mayor of London offices, Mayor of London offices, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, A painted guitar, Mayor of London offices, The Gherkin, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The Thames from Tower Bridge, L heart VE, Beefcake!, View from New London Bridge House, Setting up at Borough Market, Big Fish at Borough Market, Stables Market closed for redevelopment, Idlewild – Our new local, Grasshopper @ Idlewild, Great British Beer Festival, I see drunk people!, Drunken painting, Drunken telly watching, Poster in Pforzheim, Germany, Pavement prose, Wet pride, Despite the awful weather people remained remarkably gay, new cabinets, London from the Eye, Afraid of heights Afraid of enclosed spaces Don’t worry the London Eye doesn’t go up very high and you are only in this capsule a few minutes!, I told you aversion therapy would work!, The stupid batteries in my stupid camera and all the stupid spare batteries I have on me are flat! Can you tell that I’m not happy, Aversion therapy even got them over their fear of store-bought cuddly toys!, The biggest wisteria in the world @ Chalk Farm, Home made beer mustard, Snow, Padding Recreation Ground, Snowball fight at the bus stop, View from my office, Primrose Hill, Mud sledging, Look out!, Mum’s best tray, My phalaenopsis, The British Library, Newton, Planets, Red Sky, Iron board shadow that looks like Benjamin Disraeli!, Sun installation at Tate Modern, Sunbathing at Tate Modern, Apple pie, Training for the London Marathon by painting pots at Colour Me Mine, My babys, Gingerbread family