2008 photoblog

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Fairy light don’t grow on trees, you know!, New Years Eve, Penalty, After collecting 2 hards in the same suit, Alun starts discarding jokers!, Fish, An underwater shot of Andy swimming with the fishes, Michelle went swimming with her cards in her hand! Silly!, Michelle, your brain is showing! ‘Part of the ship! Part of the Crew!’, Quick, open some Prosecco it’s nearly midnight!, Smackdown Andy ‘The Geek’ is DQ for hitting Michelle ‘Pigsnorter’ with a chair!, In an international Smackdown event, Michelle uses her signature move to turn the tables on her brother., Michelle responds to cries of ‘Let my Daddy up!’ by throwing Michael from the ring., Mmmmm, Francis Francis! Damn fine coffee!, My Orchid (a Valentines Day gift 3 years ago), Michelle invents Sponge-ona-stick™, then realises that’s what a mop is, Construction progess @ Camden Stables Market (see 2008_07), Local church @ sunrise, Frosty sunrise @ Pad Rec, Sunrise, Bye bye Woolies, Camden, Thrush @ Pad Rec, Squirrel @ Pad Rec, Our first visit to the millenium dome, sorry, O2, To see Monkey – Journey to the West, Berries (Lauderdale Road), Pretty lights in the ground!, Chelsea College of Art (opposite Tate Britian), Last leaf, Basketeer, Tube map mirror in Hawley Arms, Autumnal trees, @ Warwick Avenue, Floor show in Selfridges, Pete models the essential firework lighting apparel, Directions Place the firework securely in the sandbox, light the blue touch paper, and stand 2 feet back, say, ‘Oooo!’, when you are sure there are no more fireworks, go back indoors for more wine., Still Life, Bill Bailey and the BBC Concert Orchestra, Michelle, The Royal Albert Hall, Armed police make an arrest on Park Lane, Battersea Power Station, Yellow, Pint of real ale at The Manor House, Clapham Manor Street, 1902 Postmens Office, Crow, Murder at the Paddling Pool, Holy Trinity Clapham Common, Clapham Common goose, Clapham Common pond, Clapham Common bandstand, Clapham Common, Trailer Happiness (home of The Rum Club), As initiation into The Rum Club, I have to drink all these rums!, The Diner Camden. That’s funny, I thought it was ‘Land of the free, Home of the brave’!, Mmmmm, jerk pork!, Mmmmm, Mojitos and Caribbean food!, Croydon Steel Orchestra, CSI (Caribbean Steel International), Notting Hill Carnival @ Hyde Park, Steel band on the move, The Reformers Tree memorial, Hyde Park, Manacles (circa 1715) in a pub on Seymour Place, PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate (Thanks Tomlinson), Dave Tomlinson (who taught me to be a PRINCE2 Practitioner), The Handlebar Club, The Windsor Castle, Crawford Street (home of the Handlebar Club), ‘Wind House’ on Primrose Hill, ‘Water House’ in Camden canal, A Fox outside our back window, Oh Po, what have you done to yourself, The Lock bar, Camden, Pork scratchings mountain at the Great British Beer Festival, Pepper plants, Site of first London coffee house, View from outside The Jamaica Wine House, Back of The Jamaica Wine House, The Jamaica Wine House, Bank, Post modern photography in Guildford, Y’all call this corn, South Bank sand art, South Bank sand art, South Bank sand art, Construction progess @ Camden Stables Market, Trying to mix the perfect martini, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead at Victoria Park, Radiohead Concert, Martinis by Alessandro Palazzi at Duke’s Hotel – where Ian Fleming invented the Vesper. (£18 each), Jazz at the Royal Academy Restaurant. Nice! (click here for video), St. John’s Wood Church grounds, St. John’s Wood Church grounds, What happened to all the bottles of rosé, oh yeah!, Funny yellow man!, Will our kitchen ever be back to normal, The Roundhouse, Banksy, Berry tasty, Rose Garden, A beakful of moss, Now that’s a duckling!, Duck!, Cormorant, New Thames Water pipes, Lycium Theatre, Peacocks in Covent Garden, Young blackbird in Regents Park, 1st passer-by ‘Look, ducklings! Init’ 2nd passer-by ‘Geeselings!’, Warwick Avenue, Baby coots in Little Venice, Little Venice, Little Venice Cavalcade, Little Venice (2), Little Venice (3), Little Venice (4), Paddington from Little Venice, Little Venice (5), Little Venice (6), 03 Little Venice Cavalcade, Queue for tickets for Camden Crawl 2008, Mega-Sandwich, Mega-Blossom, View from Selfridges escalator, A rock musical, Roadside art installation, Sign FAIL, Fridge law, Clean piggy, International FAIL, What were they before Understanding cash FAIL, Morning mist in the park, They’ve torn down two stories now, Hollywood FAIL, Gutted buildings, The Hawley Arms, Sympathy FAIL, Canal Market – no great loss, Windsor Castle, Windsor Castle in morning fog, Windsor Castle in afternoon flight-path, Wonky house (Windsor), Windsor Swan, Windsor Swans, A flock of starlings (Regents Park), Primrose Hill, Funky door in Primrose Hill, Painting by the window in january you need to wear a scarf, Teeny weeny vesper martini, Happy new year 2008 – we saw the new year in with a tapas party