2012 photoblog

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The death of a shop, Marmite gold, We gave each other lots of chilli related presents this christmas, I see The Hobbit is not doing so well, Broadgate farmer’s market, Confit of beef, The Cafe Royal has reopened, The metropolitan line trains look like something off of Star Trek, My pizza has a tumor, Pedestrian only day on Oxford Street, and Regent Street, Cafe Royal on Regent Street is about to reopen after 4 years, Shopping for tequila, I met Cleo Rocos and Stuart Freeman promoting AquaRiva, The UDF occupy Trafalgar Square, Went to Alfie’s Antique Market, Bought myself an antique silver cocktail shaker, Jedi robe birthday present, Crap on my warddrobe, Selfridges, Forbidden Fruit Liqueur @ The Dorchester, The newly opened 1930s themed Bar Americain @ Brasserie Zedel, Piccadilly Circus., Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Shoreditch street art, Callooh Callay, Inside Callooh Callay, 4D puzzle day 1, 4D puzzle layer 1 1666, 4D puzzle day 2, 4D puzzle layer 2 2012, 4D puzzle layer 3 the buildings, Morden Park House, Morden Registry Office, Luke & Daryl’s civil partnership, Luke & Daryl, Kingly street pub sign, Ceramic flowers outside Westminster Palace, ceramic flowers, ceramic flowers, Sochi 2014, London Live @ Hyde Park, London Live @ Hyde Park, Souvie shopping @ London Live, Fencing @ London Live, Tennis @ London Live, Serena @ London Live, Big balls @ London Live, Hobnobbing with a Python @ Paramount, Centre Point, View from the top of Centre Point, 360 pano from the top of Centre Point, Gifts from the Olympic gods shot put @ Greenwich, Shard and Tower Bridge, Shard and Tower Bridge, Tower bridge, Olympic rings, OXO building, Al fresco dinning at the OXO building, View from OXO building, View from OXO building with rainbow, View from OXO building (2), South Bank art, Tube home, Oxford Street art, Cool fountain outside the Connaught Hotel, Fountain and Wenlock, Mayfair art, View from the roof of Selfridges, cat finger, Olympic lane., Wimbledon final., bat finger, Oops! Cut the end of my finger off making salsa., New statue @ Marble Arch, BT ArtBox, The pigeon problem in London is getting worse, Park House – new development between Oxford St and Mayfair, Jawa sandcrawler in Mayfair!, Gift idea 1920s silver cocktail shaker, salver and glasses, Goodbye Grand Union House. You suck!, Got my Olympic Beach Volleyball tickets, Leicester square, Leicester square, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Chalk Farm, Camden, Camden lock, Bus spotting, You wait ages for a 38 bus, and three generations come along at once, Picadilly Circus, Liberty Sale, Liberty, Regent Street, 17 New punch bowl, 11 Queen’s Hotel Chester, Come and play with us Andy, Queen’s Hotel, Queen’s Hotel, Bunting, Anniversary balloon, Retro fairy, Picadilly Circus, There’s one born every minute, Oxford Street, New 38, Flat hunting in Hackney, Dericote Street, Hackney, Broadway market, Hackney, Hackney, Hackney, Hackney, Hackney, Sicilian Avenue,Holborn,London, Camden Village Market, I’m wearing an England shirt because I’m Scottish …it was free, A roll of paper toweling disapeared into the magic corner, I reached in and pulled out a pastry case!, Lemon meringue pie fixings, Et waa laa!, Flat hunting in Finsbury, Amwell Street, Finsbury, A cat without a grin, New River Head, Finsbury, St. Helena Street, Finsbury, Mmmm, rum!, Mmmm, cider – at Exmouth Market, Bird houses, Mmmm, cocktails – at The Booking Office Bar, St Pancras International., Chester train station, I invented a new dish Quattro Toasti, Faschierter Rahmbraten, Cozzen’s Arrack Punch at The Booking Office, chocolate beet cake, storm’s coming, Westminster slashes budget for public conveniences, Starbucks’ toilets have a baby punching station!, Lees Place, Mayfair, Mayfair Cottage, Lees Place, Hall doorknob with ninja throwing star decoration, Doorknob injury. It looks like I was attacked by Lego Wolverine, Take that doorknob, you are outta here!, Replacement doorknob to avoid further ninjuries, Marmite, My first Boris Bike, testing the cycle to Old Street, Regent’s Canal, Thwarted by the Islington Tunnel, The Narrow Boat pub, Wharf Road, Ass Kicking Peanuts, Lego Trafalgar Square, Exchange House, Exchange House, Exchange House, Exchange House, Exchange Square, I like big butts, and I cannot lie, Fourth plinth, Trafalgar Square, Fourth plinth, Trafalgar Square, Nobody was listening, Big Egg Hunt, Trafalgar Square, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Michelle, Frozen fountains @ Trafalgar square, Frozen fountains @ Trafalgar square, Kim’s Vietnamese Food Hut in Camden Market – officially the best food in Camden, V&A, V&A pottery, V&A pottery, V&A pottery, V&A pottery, V&A pottery, V&A pottery, cormorants fly over sunset in Hyde Park, Rosy-fingered dawn, A, Tattoo, ham and potato pie, Mmmmm, pie!, Balloon ‘animals’, Michelle’s hat and Luke’s …whatever that is, Luke giving his animal a hat, Andy was so good he did it with his eyes closed, Work in progress…, …Ah! So that’s what you were making!, Daryl’s was the best by far