2011 photoblog

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My coin collection, Christmas tree, Wenlock and Mandeville, Restored swiss clock @ Leicester Square, Christmas tree @ Trafalgar Square, Christmas tree @ Covent Garden, Covent Garden, Rudolph @ Covent Garden christmas market, Christmas lights @ Regent Street, Christmas lights @ Regent Street, Christmas lights @ Regent Street, Enormous make-your-own pizzas overflow our biggest plates, Our local church lit up, Tartan Taches, Tartan Taches, Lego R2D2 @ John Lewis, Michelle takes on lego Vader @ John Lewis (Spoiler doesn’t go well), Gangs of rogue biker cops rule the streets in London, Democracy for Congo, WWI memorial in Baker Street underground station, St. Pancras station and the Renaissance Hotel, Lego christmas tree @ St. Pancras station, Lego christmas tree @ St. Pancras station, Lego christmas tree @ St. Pancras station, Busker in Camden with faun legs, Misty morning in Paddington Recreation Ground, Regent’s Park, Regent’s Park, Paladium House, Free Syria, Canalside building site with massive side supports, Fish pie, One of my orchids has a keiki, The devil grows bold, Hendrick’s Unusual Umbrella Emporium, What is ‘Slanchogled’, Yummy pork and apple pie, Day out in Camden, stupid cow, cobweb-o-rama, St. Christopher Place, Spider outside our kitchen window, Morning mist on the canal, One of my orchids is growing a new flower stem…, …the other is growing …a claw, The Savoy, The Savoy refurbished foyer, American Bar @ the Savoy, American Bar @ the Savoy, Cocktails @ the Savoy, Clean Bandit QR @ Tottenham Court Road, Banksy TOX, Andy and Caron’s pet fox, Begging for scraps (@ Andy Nowak’s 50th), Us on the train home, Us on the tube home, Leighton House, Light afternoon snack, Daunt Books, Marylebone, Train station building site on Oxford St, Amy Winehouse paper dolls!, The Shard from Waterloo Bridge, Door of Buddha Bar under Waterloo Bridge, Gordon’s Wine Bar, Gordon’s Wine Bar, sampling the various sherries, urban beach, South Bank beach, beach huts, Sea Life London Aquarium, shark tank, sharks, I wish I was a catfish, terrapin, My bus has no engine. Oh, really, how does it go, Notting Hill Carnival volume control, Bubbleology…, tea made with tapioca…, disgusting!, How long has this Caribbean restaurant been there in Camden, Horses going past the office!, Shhh! This is the unassuming entrance to the fabulously exclusive Experimental Cocktail Club!, Car headlight shining through our front window, Up YOURS, Don’t you hate it when bus drivers stop to chat blocking the entire street, Packing for holiday, Blackberries picked on the canal towpath, They’re mending the church roof with sackcloth and tar!, Amy Winehouse memorial, Camden Square, Fans and news crews gather, Across from Amy’s house, Police guard the entrace, Fans leave flowers and pictures, Statue in Cavendish Square, Label placement FAIL, Homemade real pomegranate grenadine, Geese on the canal, Mural in Camden, Walking to Regent’s Park, London Central Mosque, Regent’s Park boating lake, Sunday Afternoon on the Regent’s Park boating lake, Regent’s Park butterfly, Regent’s Park ferret, Regent’s Park Avenue Gardens, Regent’s Park Avenue Gardens, Regent’s Park Avenue Gardens, Regent’s Park Avenue Gardens, Cocoa, Regent Street – A Taste of Spain, Paella Gigantes – doesn’t look appealing, Spanish ladies, Spanish rock, Spanish folk, Spanish jazz… Nice!, Spanish sand, Spanish horses (walking backwards), Picnic in the park – it must be summer, A.W.E.S.O.M.-O, A.W.E.S.O.M.-O, We’re going to a Sci-Fi exhibition at the National Library – our bus stop is ET., St. Pancras station, The first thing the French see when they get off the train, Detail of statue @ St. Pancras, Carluccio’s does the best macchiato, Strawberries and Champagne @ The Grand, St. Pancras, Guided tour of Fleet Street area from St. Pauls, Fleet street (1929 & 1930 buildings), Living building, Samual Jackson’s Johnson’s cat Hodge, Quotes from Hodge, Looks like the Blackfriars were Vulcans, Giant outdoor furniture at the National Theatre, Giant fox on the South Bank, Ye Olde Bell Tavern, Freshly squeezed fruit juice, Pedal bus guys acting weird, Rapture @ Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Trafalagar Square, Look out dude, catwoman is creeping up on you!, Women’s Champions League big balls!, Royal Academy, lollypops with ants in!, vodka with scorpions in!, camping holidays for trees, ginko @ grosvenor square, Iraqi protesters @ grosvenor square, Pretty duck, Michelle’s new accessories!, Our orchid, Ittle bitty baby ducklings on the canal!, ducklings, they’re so cute, they’re so tiny, Somebody pulled the plug out of Camden Lock!, A lovely day in Regent’s Park, with lots of pollen about, for the European May Fayre, in a Spiegeltent, Salon Speculaire, There was Hungarian and Belgian folk music and a dance floor. Which was nice until…, …a tsunami of breeders flooded in and turned the dance floor into some sort of flipping crèche., Mmmmm, deep fried batter!, Fulton Mackay, Ingrid Bergman, poppy, tree, 360° view from the top of St. Paul’s, The floor of St. Paul’s looking through the top of the dome, St. Paul’s from One New Change, St. Paul’s freshly cleaned, The Royal Court’s of Justice from One New Change, The Blackfriar pub, Regent Street bunting, Pearly kings and queens – be lucky, St. George’s Day, Traditional St. George’s Day stilt walkers, St. George’s Day show, Chilli pepper – I’m not dead yet!, Our new window frosting, Regular salt beef on rye @ The Brass Rail Selfridges, James Smith & Sons, umbrellas, Gitarrenwandhalter, Jelly Baby Family, by Mauro Perucchetti, @ Marble Arch, Apparently the moon is the closest to Earth it’s been in like 15 years!, Through binocular, More canals than Little Venice, They tore down the school with footballs all over the roof, Sunset @ Swiss Cottage, Centrepoint appears to be floating in the air, Antibiotics for my infected tooth, Michelle and her Birthday Cake, Michelle’s Birthday Cake (I thought we had a ‘4’), Stuttgart airport, Hotel Royal, Pforzheim – swanky!, Delancy Passage, Camden – classy!, Chinese New Year @ Trafalgar Square, The god of money, Assembled dignitaries, Rabbit hat, Decorated tree, Exercise for the civilised gentleman, My orchids (valentine’s day gifts 2 and 5 years ago), Disgusting Cocktail Night: Disaronno Martini (1 0.5 Hendrix, 1 Disaronno Amaretto, twist of orange), DCN: Windex Martini (3 Vodka, 0.5 triple sec, 0.5 blue curcao, dash dry vermouth, twist of orange), DCN: Disaronno Mule (1 0.5 Disaronno, 0.5 lime juice, ginger beer, soda), DCN: Espresso Martini (3 Vodka, 1 espresso, 1 Kahlua, dash creme de cacao, drop of dry vermouth, chocolate shavings)