2015 photoblog

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Unripe Bitters #1, making tinctures and bitters, Woodpecker, Stormtroopers @ Vauxhall, Just riding a tractor in a dress, New Bike, Cycle ride, round the neighbourhood, Advent Calendar, Mick Jagger posing by his car, Me posing by my car, Tits, Rainbow, Aged whisky tasting, Sunset, Old car in Leatherhead, New lounger, I stole a car from a Mariachi band, Discovered a great combo, One egg frying pan, London Sessions, @ El Nivel, Woodford Reserve Rye Batch 001, Civilised gardening, Tequila and chips on the patio, London, Peppers, Champagne and caviar on the patio, Hair today, Gone today, Tennis courts restored, Windy, Barrel aging, repaired pinocchio, Pub crawl, Pinocchio, Champagne on the patio, Stupid neighbour sanding wall, Stoneleigh, Pinocchio bottle barrel, Burlington House, Fuckoffee?, Wisley, London is overrun with Yodas, Easter bunny, Eclipse spotting, Can you see it?, completely overcast!, Pi day, Spring, Epsom downs, Parakeet, Snow, fellow passenger, Pudding FAIL, Kingston, Shopping for countryside clothes, Blackbird jumping at fat balls, Haircut, 39!