2016 photoblog

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Popcorn machine, Cool dawn sky, Supermoon, pretty red tree, Life-sized Operation game @ Leatherhead, the neighbours have painted their shed a luminous blue, New Art Deco wall sconce light posters for the cinema room, Woodpecker, Double rainbow @ Stoneleigh, Gin tasting, Dash Vader, The garden (from a different perspective), New signage for the cinema room., Mouse, Oxford St from JL roof, Goldfinch, Our neighbours’ gardens flooded but ours is precisely the top of the hill., Quattro Toasti: Continental, Stoneleigh tyre fire, Dragonfly, Flowering blueberries, Epsom Downs from half way up our hill, 26th April&, Sunset, I chose “darkside”, It’s a penne al’arrabiata, Brie & Barbera kinda night, My tongue says sangria but my heart says michelada, Woodpecker, Kingston, Fun with hair, The bloody foxes keep digging up our raised bed, The Brass Rail, best salt beef sandwiches ever, Birthday outing, A cocktail for two, Birthday breakfast, Thrush?, Goldfinch, Amaryllis