2018 photoblog

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Andy’s Most Excellent frozen foods, Hail, Snow!, Home Made Salsa FTW!, Studio, Mugsnot! Who thinks these things up?, The Thai food people got a kitchen upgrade, Shed pals, Tulips, Decisions, decisions…, Bar equipment impersonating Voyager, Sunny day in the garden, Dragonfly, California lilac, Hostas and ferns, Mr Robin, Grilling in the rain, Sunset, Pepper plants, Sunset, Proto-pepper, Taplow Blue, Pepper progress, Fruit-bus, Hemming, rehemmed, Wine o’clock, Cayenne?, Indoor peppers are spindley, Outdoor peppers are fruity, Nam Prik Pao & Jaipur soup packed lunches, Instant noodle soup test run, Dining table collapse!, My plastic cutlery collection, Vauxhall, Park Square, London, The Regent’s Park, Good Morning London, Art in Regents Park, hare on anvil, headless man, refraction, nightmare figures, parrots, everything is lost, colours, penguin, house, Reclining figure #… Oh no, wait, that’s just a fallen tree, Daunt Books, Marylebone High St, La Fromagerie, Fire rainbow, berries, Peppers are starting to ripen!, First pepper crop, chop, pickle, Plant pot stand, one stand, two stand, side supports, shelves, paint, old plant pots, Found a bug, Nam Prik Pao, New plant pots, Kashmiri Masala, curry paste, Old shop front uncovered, Stoneleigh broadway, Second pepper crop, slice, mash!, ferment, Third pepper crop, Hot sauce!, hot pepper sauce, Fourth pepper crop, Red curry paste for freezing, White supremist video section at the library, Sunset, Doudou’s do, Red tree, Happy Hallowe’en, New plants, Magpie, Coq au vin, Five years at helpIT, Red acer, Kingston Christmas market, Christmas village, Holy Shirt!, Thrift shop window, New coffee wagon @ Stoneleigh, Empty Mama Mia DVD cases found on platform, Empty Mama Mia DVD cases missing from Sainsbury’s, Tagged train, Plumber’s Christmas tree, It’s Christmas!, Jingle all the way!, Chef’s flame thrower, Matching fire extinguisher, Balls!, Star Wars advent calendar finale