2019 photoblog

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Wisley, Us, New cocktail book, Nam Prik Pau, Super Blood Moon, Sunrise on the Broadway, Drink along with Star Trek, Drink along with Darlene, Art installation in Leatherhead, Four Parakeets in a Pear Tree, Art installation in Leatherhead, Ordered a CD, got ‘anarchy’ badges, It rained so much a tree collapsed, Michelle makes the best cottage pie, I make the best coleslaw, Super Moon, Repairing the shed porch, found this little chap, There’s always a couple of crows outside the house, so I started feeding them monkey nuts., ‘Do you want your front entrance to be rustic or modern?’ Why not both?, Fenton has died (normal tower for scale), Epsom + Ewell Rocks, My peanuts bring all the crows to the yard!, Spring, The crow situation is beyond a joke now, Swizz chocolate, Barrel aged Irish cocktail, Woodpecker, Bad fire in Stoneleigh, Ghost? Is that you?, Old American Embassy gutted, Chinatown, Tourist, Clock at Cambridge Circus, Outside our office, Box Hill, John Logie Baird lived here!, Old Fort, Crows on the church, I’m taking the Irish Cocktail out of the barrel, and replacing it with Maker’s Mark, My little Texan, Travel Cocktail Kit, In-flight cocktails, Baby tit being fed, How many t-shirts are too many? “The limit does not exist!”, says Alex, Pickled peppers, Pepper mash, Surrey University, Sunset, New keyboard and mouse, Hot sauce, Decorated train, Misty morning, There’s been a murder, Hallowe’en in L’head, Karchering the patio, Before, After, Dry