2021 photoblog

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LEGO storage,Improved exercise bike,Sandwich bread,Snow,Burns Night,Minnesota Hotdish,Sunrise,Schitt’s Creek,Zoom party,St. Patrick’s Day postbox decoration,He’s got a pint of Guinness,A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,In Sutton for a jab,Queue for the jab,Recipe #5 is the first four mixed together,Easter postbox decoration,Snow in the morning,Glorious sunshine in the afternoon,Haddock Tacos,Haddacos – inspired by @TVZaraJ,Pork scratchings,New ultrawide monitor,Michelle made breakfast!,Lentil shepherdless pie,Summer postbox decoration,Auriol bowling club,Auriol park,Vegetable curry,Which shirt to wear for the Euros final?,Off to hospital with broken legs,Roast pork,Rise and reclining chair bed,700g of blueberries in the freezer,Physio,1st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea Scouts 90th birthday,I made a cake,When Michelle’s breakfast involves smoked salmon,Got my nails done,Some little helpers decorated the bay for hallowe’en,Reflection