2020 photoblog

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Light effect, Cookies, Embankment collapse, Epsom downs, New pizza trays, Beach Ready, Nam Prik Pau, The river Mole is high, Last trip to London before lockdown, Pigeon control, Leicester Square, Chinatown gate, Visitor, Cavendish Square Gardens, Tempted by these Star Trek themed tops, End of an era, Orchid, Tom Yum soup, Panic buying, Cherry blossom, A Stoneleigh front garden, Lockdown – everything is cancelled, even praying, Social distancing queueing, Stocking up for locking down, Beer, Butthead salad, Online shopping suddenly popular, Vindaloo!, Vindaloo! Vindaloo!, Vindaloo! Vindaloo! Vindaloo!, Home gym, Blue sky, Moon, Freezer organisation, Happy Easter, Baking bread, Next stop, Bake Off, Poppadom preach, Curry night, Quattro Toasti on home made bread, I knew LCW swag would come in handy, BE SAFE AND STAY INSIDE!, Park sign, Beech blossom, Stump planter, 50 years later, Found this great local socially-distanced noodle soup café, Stoneleigh, It’s hot!, The now traditional, annual spatchcock, Tequila shots, Caviar & Prosecco, Your carriage awaits, Handlebars, View from my studio, Andy two-fans, Makeshift curtain, Children of Morta, Petal, Pepper mash, Hot sauce, Exploding hot sauce, Moses, Home made Chinese takeaway, Smoking peppers, Turning jalapenos into chipotle, Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, Drying peppers, I like drying peppers and I like fermenting peppers, Home made Indian takeaway, A neighbour is building a giant shed, Pepper harvest so far (that we haven’t eaten already), Oktoberfest, Pepperception, Gourmet crisp butty, Jalapeno bacon poppers grilled cheese sandwich, Baking big, Delicious sandwich loaf, Photos from Mum’s flat via Janis, Manhattan time, Nduja pizza, Petal, A Christmas elf decorating the tree