2009 photoblog

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New Year’s Eve party theme is Curry Cook-off., Enormous Christmas roast @ Caron & Andy’s., Andy proudly displaying his meat., ‘Can I have some’, You want a christmas tree I’ll give you a christmas tree., Kangaroo in Camden., Very Important Pedestrian day on Oxford Street., Selfridges., Christmas Market on Oxford Street – Mmmm, Gluhwein!, St. Christopher Place., Our orchid., View from office window., 3D week on Channel 4., Changing out of your PJs in the morning FAIL., New style pedestrian crossing @ Oxford Circus., Tube train draught excluders., Wooden saxophone., Sunset from office window., It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht!, ZZ Top., Blues hat technicians., ZZ Top., ZZ Top., Rollerbladers., View from The Warrington., Trees on Lauderdale Avenue., Covent Garden., Babita’s drum circle., Jeff Koons rabbit @ Covent Garden., Catholic church on Soho Square., Post Office Tower from Berners Street., Hotel on Berners Street., Construction progress @ Camden Stables Market (see 2008_12)., Square in Stables Market., Seat in Stables Market., Entrance to new underground stalls., Marylebone High Street., Hertford House (home of The Wallace Collection)., Giant car found on Oxford Street Disappears., Busker – Cambridge Circus., Gay helter skelter – Soho Square., Ronnie Scott’s., There’s something you don’t see every day – Tottenham Court Road., Paddington Recreation Ground – Environmental Area., Lord Mayor of Westminster., Grand Opening., London Wildlife Trust., Rainwater feed into pond system., Wetland habitat., Pond dipping., Dragonfly., Giant car found on Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Liberty Disability Rights Festival., Strange act. Click for short video, The Ship & Shovel A pub in two halves., Cyberdog’s pimped VW van., Pavement art in Pad Rec., Impatience and Begonia., New statue @ Marble Arch., Ripley’s Believe It or Not., People are taking turns to spend 1hr on the 4th plinth @ Trafalgar Square., Oak Bush Cricket nymph spent the day on my bike for a round trip., Moon., Tracy Chapman @ The Roundhouse, Selfridges 100 years old, Chili Martini, Hail storm, Automatic fail, Stables Market, Big horse head, Interesting pillars, OrangAid @ Lyceum, Paint Your Own Plant Seepers (from Woolies), Spot, Blue and Pebbles, …at work in the garden, …keeping our new plants from drying out, Scallops flambeed in tequila, Tiny spider, Our kitchen herb window box, From left to right oregano, marjoram, chives, rosemary, thyme, thyme, Marjoram, Thyme, Thyme flowers, Rosemary, Bee-watching, the bees love the chive flowers, Lawn Bowls, Athlete #1, Athlete #2, Star Trek is in the cinemas, Westfield @ Shepherd’s Bush (biggest mall in Europe), The Atrium @ Westfield, Flamingo @ Westfield, Living Wall @ Westfield Southern Terrace, Living Wall, BBC Television Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, Chestnut tree on the way to the cavalcade, Herons @ London Zoo, Ducklings on Regents Canal, Cherry Blossom on Morehead Road, Buckingham Palace, Easter Sunday, I guess they don’t have squirrels where tourists come from!, Regent Street chocolate cakes…, …I’ll have two of each, please!!, Ducks in restaurant window on Gerrard Street. Shopping for new bamboo steamers., Coffee break in Soho on Good Friday, Jesus freaks pray for Ann Summers, Stuck Fast & Furious, Camden Town, Why spend £14 on a bee house when you can buy a £2.99 roll of bamboo border edging from Poundsavers…, …and make two that are tailor made to fit between your window boxes, Lemon & Lime, Cherry blossom outside our front door, Big nosed bees at our windowbox, Trafalgar Square lion, Trafalgar Square street art, My new Muji paint tube storage, Naughty beagle puppy OK, I’ll stop playing with their ball but you have to chase me for this goalpost!, Wine tasting in the Great Hall at the Institute of Civil Engineers., City Crawl., Most of the rums we tasted at the Notting Hill Rum Club last night., Statue of window cleaner outside Edgware Road tube…, …he’s gonna need a bigger ladder, Statue at Barbican Centre, St. Gile Cripplegate Church at Barbican, Relieving Need – Cripplegate Foundation 1891-1991, I’m not a pickle, I’m a cucumber!, 30 St. Mary Axe from a different perspective, Drinkers Paradise – it’s a real place!, Outside ZSL, The Regent’s Park, This is not a door, Unfinished Trafalgar Square, Still working on Trafalgar Square, St. Martin in the Fields, It’s snowing!, Snow!, Pad Rec…, …the quiet gardens, …the playing field, Snowball, Lamp, Andy, Snowman, Thrush, Big dogs in Leicester Square, Post Office Tower, There is no god., Trafalgar Square, The Roundhouse, Great Seats!, Old Speckled Hen!, Tim Minchin, Some guy was walking out, Sexy!, Smoking!, Someone drew a computer mouse on the bus window!, It’s cold!, Fox, New Year charades!, ‘film’, ‘TV’