2010 photoblog

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My pepper, My piano, View from roof terrace @ One New Change, St. Paul’s from One New Change, Hallowe’en pumpkins, ZZ Top O’Lantern, Paddington Recreation Ground 0750, View from office window, Bath time for the civilised gentleman, Paddington Recreation Ground 0755, Our spice shelf, Marble Arch statue, Maida Vale synagogue, Hampstead Heath, Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, Gerrard Street, Nelson’s Column, Ship in a bottle, Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column (2), National Gallery, welcome to Camden, Camden snooker club, floating restaurant, Swans @ Camden Lock, Camden Lock, View from my window, Old photos reprocessed, Palm House, Palm House, Physical Energy, V&A, Albert Hall, HDR experiments, HDR experiments, HDR experiments, My certificates, Halloween date fail, Old Chapel @ Greenwich Naval College, Close encounter @ Swiss Cottage, Predator costume fail, A Roesel’s bush-cricket in west London, Long winged form of Roesel’s bush-cricket for migration, The death of a fridge, View from Vista rooftop bar in The Trafalgar hotel, Chin Chin Laboratorists, sprinkles in flasks & beakers, blueberry, toffee & strawberry toppings, Camden police officer, If Andy can’t go to the GBBF, the beer festival can come to Andy!, Racial Tolerance Fail, Roses in Pad Rec, Rosemary’s Babies, The proud mother and her babies, What does it mean, Martini night, Burlington Arcade, Trafalgar Square, Ship in a bottle, Covent Garden living statue, Luke & Daryl’s lillies, Chalk Farm art, Banksy v Robbo graffiti war!, Banksy v Robbo, click for previous incarnation, Tyre specialist fail, Ducklings on Regents Canal, Out and about in London, Pride London, parade floats…, fire engine…, ambulance, Trafalgar Square (2), Nuns, these tourists got more than they bargained for in their snapshot, ‘I say, Carruthers, those chaps look rather gay!’ ‘Yes, Roger, they do look jolly happy don’t they.’, The Thames and the London Eye, London Eye, South London Here be dragons, Dragons of the air, Pterosaurs on the South Bank, South Bank statue and pterosaurs, Ducklings on Regents Canal, Re-planted windowboxes, …let’s see how long they last, Tube train draught excluder wreck – no one harmed, Camden Lock, Pad Rec bandstand, Pad Rec knot garden, Pad Rec flower, Anniversary dinner, @ Cafe Pacifico, Just add chain & Christina Ricci, Moss in the herb garden, Mmmmm, peanut butter with no added palm oil. Delicious!, Fresh milk & dairy fail, Now that’s a phone., Mmmmm, beakers of port @ Gordon’s Wine Bar, Is the sky wearing a bow tie or is Gotham signaling for Bow Tie Man, Lamb & Potato pie in the making, …for National Pi Day (3.14)…, …the finished pie, A mummy one and a baby one (it is mothering sunday), Sunbathing in the park in March…, …it must be spring, Live at the Apollo…, …Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chocolate Lady Liberty @ Plane 9, They are pollarding the plane trees on our street., Avatar again again @ BFI IMAX! Should have gone to Specsavers!, Shop window display on Regent Street!, Sign made of rivets., Forget Banksy – there is an artist at Plan 9 coffee shop next door who paints amazing portraits in chocolate!, Banksy v Robbo graffiti war!, Camden Coffee Shop – where we get our Santos Dark., the equipment is over 100 years old., Red sky., Great Court, British Museum., Addressing the Haggis @ John Lewis – I like this shop! It’s exciting!, Camden lock froze over., Frozen lock., Moorhen on ice., Bridge over frozen water., A chair thrown from the hotel …very rock & roll., In Camden even the snowmen have mohawks.