Chipotle peppers

Based on instructions from Kevin is Cooking


  • jalapeño peppers (washed and dried)
  • smoking chips (traditionaly pecan, but we used oak whiskey barrel chips)


  • Put the smoking chips in an aluminium tropfschalen
  • Covered with tinfoil and pierce a few holes to let the smoke out
  • Place directly on the heat plates on one side of the grill – don’t put the grill back over it (as pictured here) you will need access to replenish the wood chips
  • Place the washed and dried jalapeños in a single layer on a wire rack on the opposite side of the grill
  • Bring temp up gradually to 90-110°C
  • Smoke the jalapeños for 3 hours – you will need to juggle the gas setting to keep the temperature that low on the Weber
  • Dry or store in Adobo sauce

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